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IAMHER aims to invest in our youth in a very specific way – Youth Advocacy, Financial Literacy, and Entrepreneurial leadership. We are committed to authentic, inspiring development for the liberation of black and brown girls. 
IAMHER is a curated collection of t-shirts, apparel, and accessories. Basically, a shop full of things I LOVE and want to wear – a total dream come true! 
Apparel profits fund the annual scholarships provided by G.E.MS., the marketing, and sales of IAMHER apparel provide an opportunity for young girls to practice executing transferable skills acquired while being agents that change the world.

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About the Owner


She is an innovative transformative leader cultivating excellent education that increases profitable metrics proven to be models of success. Through her work as a classroom teacher, administrator, school board member, and speaker,  She has developed the knowledge, skills, and mindsets essential for building strong healthy relationships with provable outcomes. As an industry leader, she has assisted educational organizations to learn the tools and push to navigate their impact by working to improve policy and effective practice. 

She equips leaders, families, and educational organizations to mobilize systems that increase productivity. She teaches, leads and mentors because it is the most effective and gratifying way to change the world. This work gives her the chance to impact the hearts and minds of people so they become more creative, and more liberated human beings who will change the world. 

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