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Meet Shenequa Pierre


Doctor of Education, Entrepreneur, Author, Mom, World traveler, and Changer...

Dr. Shenequa Pierre is an Education Reformer and School Leader who obtained a bachelor’s in science in 2007 from Florida International School of Psychology and Health Studies. In the summer of 2007, she pursued and obtained her Dual Masters in Mental Health Counseling and Applied Behavior Analysis from the College of Psychology at Nova Southeastern University in Summer 2011. She graduated with her doctoral degree at North Central University studying Curriculum and Teaching. She founded her nonprofit G.E.M.S. (Girls Empowered and Motivated to Succeed) in 2009 and her second business The Parent Resource Room (A Parent Portal) in 2018. Shenequa’s life mission is to Educate, Equip and Empower everyone she encounters by being a resource and extending learning beyond the classroom. She believes in the power of a shared testimony from a healed place. She looks to continue touching the world by sharing messages of healing, inspiration, deliverance, application and transformation in a non-conventional, disruptive way. 


Shenequa has mentored and assisted with the academic and social development of approximately 300 inner-city girls in Miami- Dade County, Duval County, Broward County and now Bronx NY; 30% of who are pursuant to exploring their collegiate undergraduate careers. She believes we all have the ability to respond to any situation in a way that empowers us; even when somebody or something outside of us triggers the situation.      

Today, she is combining her insights from living in bondage and years of study in the area of social justice, equality, and education to help others rewire their brain for success. Simply put, she shares the same secrets she used to reinvent her life. Ultimately, Shenequa is an unapologetic Black woman who strives to spend her privilege by boldly fighting for and with young people, women, and the underserved - wherever she goes, and graciously encouraging and developing others to do the same.

Shenequa has discovered the only way of survival is to know your potential, passionately fall in love with it and work hard to fulfill your purpose. Join her in the mission as we labor in love together to CHANGE THE WORLD.



Through my work as a classroom teacher, administrator, advocate, and speaker, I've developed the knowledge, skills, and mindsets essential for strong instruction and immediate student outcomes. I teach and lead because it is the most effective and gratifying way to change the world.

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